Guide pratique

Here are some tips that may seem a bit obvious, we recall them so you don’t get distract from your walks through any of these reasons.

Use comfortable clothes and footwear, city tours always require walks, museums have many rooms and few places to rest.

Check the weather and take your precautions: maybe you can need an umbrella or sunscreen.

Look at the map and build your route, consider traffic and accessibility to some destinations may be more appropriate to use cycling, walking or other public transport.

Consult times and days of visit and take into account that the ticket office closes 30 minutes before the general closure of museums.

Always consult costs and discounts, as well how to access them. If you are a student, teacher or belong to the elderly do not forget to carry your badge.

Finally, do not forget to check our guides section! You can find very good guides to help you get the most of your visit.


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