Museo Nacional de las Intervenciones

Ex Convent of Churubusco

History, Childs , Coyoacán-San Ángel

Very near the center of Coyoacán is this beautiful enclosure that has long been the Convent of Churubusco, over the years have happened countless events and transformations which you can find out right there, since is now the National Museum Interventions. The museum is dedicated to foreign interventions that Mexico has lived, but its walls are witnesses to what has happened around them. We recommend you go all spaces, interiors and exteriors. If you have time, enjoy some of the many activities that the museum offers.

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Museo Nacional de las Intervenciones

Calle 20 de Agosto, sin número, esquina General Anaya, colonia San Diego Churubusco, en Coyoacán, México, Distrito Federal.

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