Museo del Estanquillo

Carlos Monsiváis collection

Arts, Childs , Centro Histórico y Alrededores

The Estanquillo Museum was founded in 2006 from the desire of Carlos Monsivais to share his collection with the Mexican people, this collection consists of more than 20,000 pieces, among which are historical documents, paintings, photographs, drawings, prints , sheet music, cartoons, miniatures and models. From the diversity of these collections the name of the museum, which draws an analogy with small businesses, which in the Mexico of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were known as "estanquillos" arises, where it was possible to buy almost all kinds goods.

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Museo del Estanquillo

Isabel la Católica 26, col. Centro, del. Cuauhtemoc, México, D.F.

Aug 22 2019 10:21 PM
Me gustaria conocer las actividades que tendrán en el museo par el próximo miércoles 28 de agosto con motivo de la noche de museo. Gracias anticipadas.
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