Museo de la Luz

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"It is a theme museum in the different facets of the phenomenon of light and its relation to other fields of science are explored. The Museum of Light, is found in San Ildefonso's small College and is one of the most important colonial buildings in downtown of Mexico City. The Museum of Light is to contribute to the formation of a scientific and technological culture as well as stimulate interest in science and technology in society. "

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Museo de la Luz

San Ildefonso 43, col. Centro, del. Cuauhtemoc, c.P. 06020,D.F. México.

May 29 2018 04:59 PM
Minerva Flores
Hola buenas tardes,tengo unos familiares que radican en Chicago y van a pasar sus vacaciones en la ciudad de México,ellos planean visitar el Museo para el mes de Agosto,mi pregunta es si el Museo estará abierto para esa fecha?
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