Guided tour of the National Museum of Art (MUNAL)

A tour of 5 centuries of art in Mexico

price from $220.00 MXN per person

Basic information

  • Duration
    2 horas
  • Available languages
    Spanish English
  • Suitable for families, young and old

About the visit: Guided tour of the National Museum of Art (MUNAL)

In 1905, as the celebration of the Centennial of Mexico's Independence approached, President Porfirio Diaz set out to erect a palace that would house the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation and show Mexico and the world the progress that his regime had achieved in terms of Industrial development and communications. Today, this magnificent palace houses the National Museum of Art, which exhibits the most complete and representative collection of Mexican art, from colonial times to the present day.

Through our tour you will know a diversity of paintings and sculptures that will help you understand the importance of art in the political and social life of our country.

The Tour

• Exposición permanente
• Patios y jardines


  • Recomendamos el uso de calzado cómodo y protección solar y/o para la lluvia (según la temporada del año)
  • Hay varios estacionamientos en el centro histórico, estaciones de metro y paradas de metrobús y autobuses urbanos de diversas rutas.
  • El centro histórico es la zona de la ciudad con mayor concentración de actividades y espacios culturales así como de entretenimiento, aprovecha que estás ahí y conoce algo más.

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